Sometimes I am overwhelmed, tired of being a Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend or even just me. Those are hard words to spit out, let alone to blog out to the world, yet I felt I needed to say it. It isn't as though I call a box my home or panhandle to make end meets  because I don't and honestly have never had to (thank God). Never the less, I have had some dark times but I have never found myself treating any human differently because of their current situation. Don't get me wrong, people make bad decisions, and those decisions can cause bad things to happen, but who are we to judge? We have not spent every waking moment in that person's shoes. And this is where the Word Compassion comes in, where it becomes a verb; an action word, a word that can change the world. A Word and an action that can change the way we act towards others, are yah in? Want to help me change the world? Here are 10 Ways to create a world you love to live in by using Compassion.

1) Stop Judging!!!!

You can't possibly love the world you live in if you are judging everyone else; it is downright impossible. Look,  I don't care if you somehow feel that you are above the rest of the population (you are not). You can't find love in your heart if you are condemning everyone else for their actions. 

2) Enjoy the moment.

Take each moment as it comes, stop worrying about the mistakes you have made in the past, you can't possibly change them now. Stop looking into the future as if it is some looming threat, it is not, it is your time to take what you want, what you need and bring it to fruition. You are the only one that decides what happens next. Make your day worth waking up for, believe in yourself, and you are golden!  

3) Believe in Others

I know ... you thought I was going to say you should believe in yourself, and don't worry I will, it's comin'! Until then I will tell you why you need to believe in others, maybe not before oneself but still just as important! Without affirmation, us Humans, we kinda suck. We love being told we have done an excellent job, we are pretty;  we are fantastic parents, Gah I love being told I am good at almost anything. I think, you get the point! Without believing that people are there for us, it 's hard to believe in ourselves. Hold the Phone!!! I am not saying that we need other people to be happy, yet that we should believe in the people that make us happy, you pickin up what I am throwin' down? OK, to reiterate; thinking the human race as good, not evil, keeps us believing in others. It brings us together as a race, the Human one! Geez, I may have confused myself there. 

4) Treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

Find a moment in each conversation that brings you to an awareness of the other person. See their sadness, happiness, angst or whatever it happens to be, see it, feel it! Believe in them, try and find out what they mean, feel them and then let them in your heart as if it was yours. You will then treat them as if it is the way you want to be treated; you won't have a choice. You will own that moment; you will start understanding them the way you know yourself. That is when you will treat a person with the same respect as you have for yourself.

5) Respect and love yourself

Create some Compassion for yourself. Find the strength in what you are good at, and be ok with what you are not, yet never give up. Do not put yourself down, but own what you may have done wrong. You are your biggest cheerleader, no one else can own that role more than yourself. If you find compassion for you, you will find compassion in others. Respecting yourself, while needing approval is a daunting task, but we are all in the same boat. We are all flooded with the same negativity and propaganda. So be strong believe in the human race, and we can win this war, with Compassion. 

30 Reasons Moms Drink Wine
Have you noticed all the Moms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Social Media sites alike sharing their pictures of wine in their glass? Even better, their half full ( because I like to keep things positive ) bottle on the counter after a long hard day. If you haven't, it may be because you were knee deep in your very own bottle. I don't necessarily believe you have to be a Mom to indulge, but I have noticed a direct correlation between the two. Could it possibly be the beautiful moment you have right after you hear the cork pop from the bottle,  which sets you free?  I know it has been for me. That sound is like the sound of 2 quiet children asleep in their beds, euphoric. 

30 Reasons Moms Drink Wine: A list of Musings, not in order of importance! 

1) You woke up at 5am to get ready for work, make lunches and sign school forms while your husband slept.

2) You worked your ass off cleaning the house, and no one noticed.

3) You did ten loads of laundry, folded, and put away, while the rest of your family watched Netflix.

4) You cooked an incredible meal that each child picked through while your husband added salt and ketchup. 

5) You stepped on Lego, for the 15th time, before 10am.

6) You spent the entire afternoon speaking to your child's Teacher. 

7) You don't like your child's teacher. 

8) You woke up super early to take your child to Hockey Practice while your husband slept, then went to work and still had to make dinner when you got home. 

9) You found three unfinished Homework assignments in your son's backpack, two days after spending an afternoon with his teacher. 

10) You spent the whole Sunday at Crash Crawly's, Go Bananas, The Great Adventure or some play place the like ( with 20 other kids in your group ) 

11) You miss being 20.

12) You went running to decompress, but your whole family texted you to find out when you would be home.

13) You received a call from your best girlfriend, and she needed some advice. 

14) You are eating Cheese.

15) Your Teenage daughter has started her period.

16) Your toddler found all your tampons and put them in the toilet.

17) You tried to help your teenage kids with their homework, and you didn't understand a word of it. (so much for that University Education) 

18) You deserve it.

19) Your Toddler decided that they were going to sharpie their entire forearm.

20) You finally bought a beautiful pair of boots, and your child let your dog have them as a chew toy.

21) You love the taste of Red Wine.

22) You like the taste of White Wine.

23) You haven't been able to have a shower by yourself since before the birth of your children. 

24) You haven't worn make-up in over a month.

25) You haven't read a book that did not include some sort of parenting advice in years.

26) You invited 20 of your daughter's closest friends over for her birthday, and you finally saw the aftermath of her room.

27) Your Husband told you that he thought it would be nice if you could find some more time to clean out the garage before he gets home. 

28) Your Husband works six days a week and plays sports five nights.

29) You went to the grocery store wearing your pajamas and ran into your high school boyfriend. 

30) You are allowed to have a glass of wine because you are an adult! 

I want to bring to light a little thing I have heard about an "EPIDEMIC" that may be rising. I recently read this post (http://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/wine-and-moms-an-epidemic/)  and do not particularity disagree but....

 People seem to be very concerned that Women, Moms especially, are consuming too much alcohol. Whether or not  this is the case, I do think we need to bring to light that there has never been a worry over the amount of alcohol Fathers are drinking. No "Epidemics" to this date anyway. I have not in my lifetime heard that a man should not come home,  unwind and have a glass of Beer or two. They are encouraged to have a bottle of beer, whiskey or whatever. So please don't chastise us women for wanting the same respect. We are allowed to enjoy a glass of wine or two, even a beer if we wish. 

***I just want to address one thing before I publish this post. That being, that I understand alcoholism to be a debilitating disease. I am not attempting to make light of others situations.***

Sadly, my rose colored glasses were covered with negativity, sadness and self-loathing this past year. I have since wiped them clean and am back on track to seeing the beauty in each moment given to me. Not always an easy task when you feel inundated with negativity, heartbreak or the repercussions of one's mistakes. 

Once you are in a negative space, it can be very difficult to find your way out of it, and I found myself drowning in it. I am grateful for all I have learned about myself whilst dealing with said depression and negativity. It has given me a fresh look at the way I see the world .. the way I see my world. 

Not only have I realized that it is our darkest hours and through adversity that we find our strengths but maybe even our purpose. In doing so, I found inspiration not only in myself but many others. I have learned to let go of the people that will not serve me to be a better human being, and will no longer find time to wrap myself up in it. I will only find time for good, I will welcome it! 

This is a Letter to the people that Inspired me to have Faith in myself again: 

Thank you for each moment you have given me this past year. I have never felt so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. The many things, which you have done for me, are what makes a real  friend. I could barely see the light at the end of the tunnel until you told me it was there, maybe not in words but your actions. 

Even when I felt like a burden, you assured me I was not! You believed in me when I didn't even believe in myself. You stuck by through all the rumors, and somehow you knew I was going to be ok. When I would put on my brave face you would see through it and smile without making me feel small or unworthy. 

You turned me into a believer of friends, even when I felt I wasn't good enough to be one. I have never felt so lucky to know you and to be a part of your lives. It has been one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had, but also the most rewarding. 

I am still learning how to reach out. How to be able to tell you I love you every day, hopefully, you accept this as a start and know I am forever grateful for the support you have given me. I couldn't have asked for better people to know and hope you know I thank you in my heart every day. 

Your Forever Grateful Friend. 

Please Join This Campaign for Compassion at 1000 Voices for Compassion Facebook Group

1) The "Feel Sorry For Myself Friend" 

I found myself lost and alone one night, and without taking anything away from my partner, who is an amazing listener. I needed a girlfriend; I wanted to drink wine and cry. It didn't necessarily mean that I needed her there, in my house, better yes, but not necessary. Either way,  I needed to talk to her, whether it be on the phone or in person. As I started into the ugly cry, I found myself grabbing my iPhone and going through my contacts, but at this exact moment I needed a particular type of girlfriend. You see I was feeling sorry for myself, and I needed someone that would tell me, unconditionally,  that I was allowed to feel sorry for myself. I called my "feel sorry for myself" friend, the one that always made me feel ok for having a pity party, and the party was on! 

2) The "Party is On Friend." 

This, the friend that you call when you want to blow off some steam. She is the girl that is up for anything and everything. You may still have a significant bond with this girl, but you also know that you can let loose, be crazy and not worry what she thinks. She will be the one that calls for more shots at the bar. On any particular night, she knows you may need to party something off and is not there to judge you. She, also the girlfriend that heard some terrible news about your family and drops by your house with a bottle of red and an ear. This girl can be one of my favorite friends. Without judgement she stands by your side and still loves you. She will hold your hair back while you are puking, or bring you your first drink after you are done nursing your baby for the last time. There is something deeper about this girl, you both know it, but you never talk about it, at least not after a glass of wine. 

3) The "Tell me like it is, Friend"

This girl is the one you call when you don't need a pity party, but you need to be told straight up how it is. I usually call this girl, after the pity party is over. She is the one that slaps you in the face and tells you to get your shit together. What, you may not know, about this girl, is she is also empathetic towards your situation. She knows you so well; she knows that you are strong enough to get through this, and she will tell you! The great thing about this friend is she knows more than you do that you have a backbone, and she wants you t use it. 

4) The "You are gonna get through this Friend"

I always feel so lucky when I have this type of friend to call. This girl is a mix of the three friends above. She is not as scary as, "Tell it like it is Friend". Not as sappy as, " Feel Sorry For Myself Friend" and without the hangover that usually ensues after the "Party is on Friend." This girl has a bit of it all. She will buy you a drink while telling you that you are strong enough to handle this, but it is not your fault. If you have one or two girls in your life like this, hold them tight. 

5) The "Lobster" 

This, the woman you were meant to be friends with; she is the girl that will do each one of these things, at any given moment. She will spend the night on your couch because you cried yourself to sleep. She will get drunk with you because you needed to party your face off to get through something. She will, hold your hand any time she feels you need it, no matter what the situation. She will make a funny face in the middle of a funeral because she knows, that is, precisely, what you needed. She will hear a rumour about you, and she won't even have to squash it because no one would even dare say it in front of her. This, is your "Lobster", be grateful every day for this girl. 

My point is; I have many types of friends for many kinds of reasons. All of them as important as the other, but each of them needed for different things, yet if you can find your "Lobster",  then you are lucky. That is the girl that is your anytime friend; she will take all 5 of these types of friends and turn them into one.

I am lucky enough that I now call most of my close friends "Lobster", but that comes with being a lot more picky and expecting more from what I give and what I get. Whatever you do, never let a "so-called" friend make you feel badly about yourself. That is something no friend will ever do. 
Here it is, one of the main reason's I wanted to blog so badly, plus I kind of just need to speak my mind and all my friend's and family stopped listening. Nah ... not really, they still pretend to hear me ;) 

Regardless, there is this neat thing happening out there in the blogosphere ( P.S. I don't feel cool enough to use that word ), and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. A fellow Blogger, Yvonne Spence, started an incredible campaign; 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion. What a fabulous idea that I am more than happy to be a part of. Did I say I am excited and happy to be a part of it? You get the point ... I LOVE THIS! 

OK, here is the deal, Yvonne wrote an article, and I quote an excerpt: 

"How cool would it be if we could get 1000 bloggers on the same day to write posts about compassion, kindness, support, caring for others, non-judgement etc.? (Date to be decided.)
We could call it 1000 Voices For Compassion.
Who’s in?"

My thoughts were ... I AM IN! This is why I blog! 

What you need to know:

There is a Facebook Group to join, you can find it here: 1000 Voices for Compassion 
There is a Pinterest Board, you can find it here:Pinterest/1000 Voices for Compassion
There is a twitter hashtag #1000speak you can use to promote the event. 


What you Need to Do:

You need to write an article about compassion ... duh. Post it on February 20th and promote the crap out of it, you know, to all those places I told you where to go ...  and join the group. I posted  link to the page below. 
So, Peeps, you are invited to spread the word and do some good in this world. Let's do it together! 
Please also check out all of the contributors and member to the page, why not grow your village? 

Each week since I separated from my husband ( now Ex ) almost nine years ago, my children have spent one night a week and every second weekend at their Dad's. My Ex and I carefully executed this plan and were very amicable ( still are ), especially when it came to our kids. The two of us are very easy going when it comes to being flexible with schedules and have never had much of a problem changing days or helping one another out. So here is the thing, I am finding it harder and harder when they leave for a weekend. I miss them tremendously. 

As they get older I, have much less time with them than I did when they were younger and needed me so much. If they aren't at their friend's house, then they are with a friend, at a sporting event, doing homework, singing at the top of her lungs in her bedroom, playing video games. You know the drill. Don't get me wrong. I am happy to be raising independent children, and hopefully I am teaching them all they need to grow up and be independent adults, but that does not stop my heart from missing them. 

When they were much younger, and they left for the weekend, I looked at it like guilt free babysitting. I enjoyed the weekend with my boyfriend, had date nights, or just enjoyed the quiet, the sweet, sweet sounds of nothing. These days they don't need a babysitter, I can almost go out whenever I want. I am not glued to them, nor them glued to my hip. Isn't it funny how we always want what we don't have. I remember wishing for these days and now, not so much! 

My ex and I have always agreed they will not have a choice in where they live until they are of age to do so, being 18 and able to vote. We decided this relatively quickly as we could see it playing out terribly with our daughter. She had the -  I am telling Mom thing, and playing us against each other thing "down pat" right away. We quickly nipped that in the bud, by making sure we always had open lines of communication. But the other day my ex made a comment that caused my chest to tighten and frankly scared me a little. He noted that they might be deciding where they want to be ( who's house ) relatively soon. Even though I know what we agreed. I wondered how would I deal with this, especially if they don't want to be at my house, I think my heart would break, as I am sure his would too. 

I am preparing myself for this conversation as my son will be driving soon and will have even more freedom, which scares the hell out of me. Yes, the conversation, but mostly the driving! My Ex and I are going to stick to our guns and hope that it works out and they stay happily sharing their parents time and houses. We have decided that we can be even more flexible as they get older by playing it by ear and dealing with any situation that arises, as we live within walking distance of each other. I will say that I am not worried that my kids won't respectfully come to me and talk about it, well a little concerned, we are still waiting "on the girl" to feel the full effect of her raging hormones. 

I will gladly accept any advice on this subject if you have any. 

Yours Truly, First time Mom of teenagers. 
As I put dinner on the table tonight, I felt angry. I wasn't my usual jovial self. BAHHHH! Ok, time to give you the straight goods. Jovial is not a characteristic I would use to describe myself at the end of the day, um ee Errr wait, probably any day..  

I absolutely love cooking, but I am not a fan of having to cook, like a slave.( I mean that in the most PC way possible, please don't send me hate mail)  Are you picking up what I am throwing down?  My love language is the absolute servient type. I wait on my family's  needs hand and foot, but I do need affirmation, it's just how I roll. So when I cook for you, please say Thank you! 

As of late I have noticed that maybe they don't see all my hard work.  Wait, who am I kidding this isn't an as of late thing. It is an I have done it since the beginning of time thing and why the hell would they want that changed type of thing. Ok, Back to the matter at hand ( that may be 90's music lyrics I am not sure). Tonight I felt angry, I mean come on family didn't you notice all the hard work I was doing while you were all so involved in your personal stuff? Didn't you see me chopping the veggies and making that sauce? Meanwhile thinking of the load of laundry, you so desperately needed done before morning, and by the way multitasking the shit out of that! 

NO!!! They were too busy playing their video games or catching up on their Facebook chat (after they had done their homework, of course, might I add, in which I helped them). With an extremely pouty face and a childlike sigh, I am telling you I want that also ( insert stamping of my feet). I want them to see me as a real person with real needs, but they still keep calling me MOM or BABE!!!! It's maddening! My name is Darla, and I want to play Candy Crush also!!!! Ok, I am sure you get the point! P.S. I did exclaim this was going to be childlike. 

So as dinner progressed, and we chatted about our day as usual, I found myself calming down and enjoying my lovely family. My daughter picked through her braces because hey that is what you do when you have braces, so she says (she has had them for a month). My son scarfed his food as if he hadn't ever eaten and no I don't know if that's normal, but I know it is normal for my son. 

That's when I could feel my chest lightening and a bit of relief, maybe I just needed to eat I thought to myself. That's when I heard from the love of my life ( Ryan ), a distant thought starting to emerge from his mouth, something I am sure he regrets at this very moment! I am going to set up the PS3 in our bedroom! Nope guys you heard it right, not a question of whether I would mind, but an exclamation. Ok, before you chastise me, I just spent an afternoon romanticizing that bedroom in hopes for .... wait you know what I was hoping for. 

So here I am at the dinner table thinking this is it, this is what I have signed up for, three teenagers that undoubtedly notice none of my hard work! I could feel a strange but somewhat common feeling coursing through my veins .... HURT, this I usually turn into anger as I feel it serves me better at the time. Trust me I know I am wrong, plus I usually yell so loud only the dogs can hear me, and it doesn't usually have the desired effect. Ryan, the love of my life, ( I am mostly reminding myself ) doesn't bode well with my thoughts, and now it is on. I again am left with, well anger. I feel angry that no one noticed any of my hard work today and that I am expected to be MOM or BABE! I know I have done this to myself, but it doesn't make it any easier.  

Then it comes to me, quite profoundly in the middle of me putting the dishes away and getting everyone ready for the next day, AGAIN! I am so lucky that someone calls me Mom, Babe even. So, my days aren't always ideal, who's are? Are yours? (Call me if they are, I need some advice.) I realized tonight, something I am not sure I ever have. I have chosen this life, and I am the only one that can change it, but I don't want to. Well, I want them to see what I do, which translates into ... HEY!!! Look What I do for you! ), but I know I am doing everything I can for them, and that is what really matters. So, tomorrow I will get up, make lunches, get everyone ready and be proud that I am their leader ( Shh they have no clue that is the case). 

Thank you for listening to my rant. 

Doing my best everyday! 
Women: fickle, emotional, feisty, bitchy, bubbly, pushy, sassy, headstrong, hormonal, high-strung, ditzy, catty. These are just some of the words that are only used to describe women. Good or bad they are out there, and quite honestly if we as women want them gone, we have to work at it, not just complain about it. Most importantly we have to stop using them to describe one another.  I will say that it is unfair and downright rude being described as bitchy, I mean really the word is derived from the meaning of a female dog, it is one of my least favorite words. I find myself using this word quite often. I have even apologized to my significant other for being bitchy, which he accepts as if it is no problem that I was acting like a female dog, thankfully I don't urinate in the house. 

All of this got me thinking about how many times I am smothered with advice to not be like any of these words. Or just simply been given advice on How to be a Good Woman. Which, by the way, is quite redundant, as I am just trying to be a good Human Being

How to Date a Woman 

I found this little tidbit of info on AskMen; the article dubbed; Why Women Give bad Dating Advice. Trust in me when I say I believe in freedom of speech and that each person has a right to their opinion. So here is mine. The article starts off exclaiming that Women are notorious for not knowing what they want. Are we? This I am not sure of, ( do you see my play on words there ) but seriously folks. I don't believe it is just women that don't know what they want, this trait seems to be a bit more humanistic, than gender based. I could argue that Men seem just as confusing when it comes to dating, but alas this isn't a he said she said article. 

An excerpt from the article reads:
One popular female dating coach tells men to fill in any awkward silences by delivering a compliment. Now come on; any experienced player knows to give compliments sparingly, if at all. You can't inflate their heads with insincere compliments just because you ran out of things to say. They have to earn the compliments
OK, player, is that what you think? This my friend is terrible advice. Here I go with my opinion again. Listen men, it is quite rare that any womans head is inflated by compliments and let's get right down to brass tacks here, there is no need to keep the upper hand in any relationship. We truly just wanted to be treated as your equal. 

Signs You are With The Guy You Should Marry

Sometimes the worst advice given to women is from women. Whether it be from cheesy dating sites or in this case Cosmo. Here is my problem with this shit, PS - there is no such thing as Prince Charming, and the sooner my daughter knows that, the better. You see, as a young girl, inundated with the belief that I was going to grow up, meet the man of my dreams and be swept off my feet. WRONG! I did meet the man of my dreams, but there was certainly no sweeping of feet. Am I in love? Hell yah. Is it hard? F#*k yah! There is no need to promote the perfect relationship because each Woman finds hers a little different than the next. In this Article, 18 Signs You're With the Man You Should Marry, we are feeding our young Women with the same Cinderella bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I believe in chivalrous acts but life isn't like that all the time, and it certainly isn't the only reason you should marry a man or Woman for that matter.
Even after years together he still does little chivalrous things for you.Like open doors for you, or carry you to your doorstep when your feet hurt after wearing high heels all day and you just can't bear to walk one more block.
I love that my guy open's the door for me, after 8 long years. I don't believe that is why I would marry him. There is so much more substance than just that. This type of advice can be quite damaging. We as Women need to realize that marriage is hard, it takes work and quite honestly it's ok if the guy you want to marry doesn't carry you down the block if your feet hurt. 

College Women: Stop Getting Drunk

Can I scream, please!!!!! This is just over the top for me, instead of the headline being College Men Stop Raping Girls, it reads College Women: Stop Getting Drunk!!! Are you F&*king kidding me? #RapeCultureIsWhen became a trending hashtag recently, and I believe it is due to this type of ideology.
Now, telling Women to not get drunk is not completely bad advice, but telling them to stop, so they don't get Raped is terrible advice! This article found at Slate.com tackles a serious issue, but I believe ( and yes again, my opinion ) in all the wrong ways. In an excerpt from the Article College Women: Stop Getting Drunk we are told that if we render ourselves defenseless terrible things can happen to us.  
Let’s be totally clear: Perpetrators are the ones responsible for committing their crimes, and they should be brought to justice. But we are failing to let women know that when they render themselves defenseless, terrible things can be done to them. Young women are getting a distorted message that their right to match men drink for drink is a feminist issue. The real feminist message should be that when you lose the ability to be responsible for yourself, you drastically increase the chances that you will attract the kinds of people who, shall we say, don’t have your best interest at heart. That’s not blaming the victim; that’s trying to prevent more victims.
We are going about it all wrong!!!! Rape is as old as dirt! Invented before College girls were getting drunk that I can promise you. We need to change the way we see Rape. I recently wrote an article regarding Bill Cosby and the Allegations against him. In that article I explain the fear Women have coming forward when Raped. You can find it here Bill Cosby - My Take. So instead of asking Women to stop being vulnerable shouldn't we be writing articles asking men to stop raping? I dunno but that seems much more logical to me. 

Dumb It Down

Just so you know that I am not (always) taking myself too seriously, I found this last piece of advice quite funny actually. It comes from a book written in 1959, not that long ago if you think about how far we have come ladies. The Title of the Book: She-Manners: The Teen Girl's Book of Etiquette, 1959, by Robert H. Loeb Jr. has some extremely old school ideas. 
"To make him feel important, you have to forget your desires for importance. Compliment him on his physical prowess, his mental acumen, his good looks, his virility. The worst mistake a girl can make is to make a man feel intellectually inferior or inadequate as a male. We men need a lot of reassurances. So lay it on thick but subtly. Stroke his ego. Let him think he's king much of the time. He will love you for it, and, you know, it will make you feel extremely feminine." 
The Book, still available on Amazon, has much more advice, if you are interested in taking some. 

How Not to Be a Bitch - Ten Easy Steps

Don't we all need to know how not to be a bitch? Of course, we do, and thank you for your kind advice Return of Queens, we really do appreciate it! Please note the verbal irony. This website's tagline reads Raising awareness of Antifeminism. Cool, you are entitled to your opinion. But please be aware that these so called 10 Easy steps have are wasted on us. Myself at least! The article posted How not to be a Bitch - Ten Easy Steps has some good advice regarding not engaging in a fight or argument, but I believe it is unfair that is geared just towards Women. Most of these steps could be used whether you are a man or women. Maybe the articles headline could have been How not to start an Argument with your Partner - 10 Easy steps. 

Step 3 Reads:

Be mindful of your facial expressions
I don’t know any man who wants to come home to THAT!

I don't mind my facial expressions whatsoever and I am not sorry that they bother you. This advice, I find ludacris and quite hard to believe that in this day and age I am still finding articles written in this way. Thank you, but I will kindly decline your advice on How not to be a Bitch! 

As Women we are often told that we are being "too much". Too much of what I ask? Too much Woman, too much fun, too masculine, too pretty? The worst part is that this advice is not just given to us by 
Men, but by our lady counterparts. I just want you to know, you as a Woman can never be too much Woman in my eyes. 

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3) Macy's 

Macy's will guarantee delivery of any instock item before Christmas up until Dec 21/14, that is pretty amazing! 

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If you have a teenager, as I do, this is always a win under my tree. I have never had a problem, with shipping and am a fan of the Live Chat option as you are connected quickly with any questions or concerns you may have

5) Garage

Again the Garage is another favorite site, because of it's ease of use. I have always had amazing customer service, and the orders are correct and on time. My daughter also loves the clothing. 

6) Khol's 

Another everything under one roof type of online shopping experience. Khol's has a large selection of clearance items that I love to peruse. 

7) Daily Steals 

Daily Steals is mainly an electronics based online shopping mall. The deals are phenomenal but you have to grab 'em quick! Some products are refurbished and because of it you can get many things like the Macbook Air for half of the regular retail price. It is definitely worth a look. 

8) Zulily 

Zulily is a retailer obsessed with bringing moms special finds every day–all at incredible prices. They feature an always-fresh curated collection for the whole family, including clothing, home décor, toys, gifts and more

9) Joss & Main

Offering an inspired selection of home furnishings, décor, accents, lighting, tabletop, cookware, and entertaining essentials at up to 70% off retail prices, Joss and Main is a great place to Shop online.  From household name brands to up-and-coming designers to small business artisans, our buyers and curators hand select every item, every design, every piece of inspiration.

10) Design it Yourself Gifts and Baskets

The name says it all, but this is a great idea for easy shopping for the office. Fully customizable Baskets and gifts this is your one top shop for gift baskets online. 

11) The Shopping Channel

Not only can you find almost anything you need on The Shopping Channel, they have almost every possible payment option, great shipping costs and e very simple website to navigate through

12) Target 

Clearly you know Target. Did you know that they will price match online items as well 

13) New Egg 

New Egg has amazing deals on electronics all year round, but I am a huge fan of their Black Friday Deals! Take a look and see what you think.

14) The Body Shop

If you are not aware, The Body Shop trade fairly so communities benefit as well as you. They never test on animals, and all their products are 100% vegetarian. This is a great site to shop on as well. Ease of access and let's be honest, perfect for stocking stuffers. 

16) Nordstrom

Nordstrom, Inc. is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Since 1901, They have been committed to providing their customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.